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Wired Equity

Awareness. Acquisition. Engagement. Conversion.

Wired Equity is a Stockholm based venture management company. We use a holistic investment approach adding value to projects by using new media strategies for client acquisition. Coming from entrepreneurial backgrounds we focus on online projects with exponential growth potential. We add value through our extensive experience with digital customer experience, RTB, search marketing strategies, as well as with our entrepreneurial passion.

  • Organic Traffic

    85% of all clicks from Google comes from organic search.

  • Brandawareness

    71% expect leading brands to be on top of the search results page.

  • Brandbuilding

    61% think the ranking of a brand on the search result page reflects the importance of it.

  • Importance

    A brand with position 6 on a search result will aquire less than 5 % of the search traffic.


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Johannes Eriksson
Founder and CEO

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